MyAttik is one of a kind, it is the first social network to be specifically dedicated to exchanging goods and services.

MyAttik offers to the greater public an effective and easy to use platform which allows each user to have a real “virtual attic” in which they can advertise as many objects as they wish and to choose to either sell, rent or exchange them.

Need to share

Want to promote your resources? Just create a virtual attic and publish your ads by sharing with friends or the community.

You also want to democratize second-hand items? Recover dangerous objects? Launch an appeal for donations and / or volunteering? MyAttik groups on a single platform all your needs.

Need to communicate

Want to bring the community together around a collection, a workshop, discover an exhibition, organize a swap party or a flea market ?

Come post your events and share your tips & Actuces.

Need originality

Want to discover solutions & trends proposed by our artisans upcycling? Be seduced by a single piece or a gift idea.

Need for visibility? Want to reach new customers? We give you more visibility. Come display your creations on MyAttik.